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Shenzhen SCTF Electronics Co., Ltd

Shenzhen SCTF Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in research and development, production and sales of quartz crystal resonators and quartz crystal oscillators, the company has advanced production, testing and testing equipment, production workshop 10,000 Purification, the implementation of ISO9000, ISO14000 and TS16949 international standardization system management. Products are widely used: computers, home appliances, digital, communications, wireless use, security, instrumentation. SCTF with more than 10 years of crystal technology and the accumulation of the market, as well as the use of personalized products solutions services, has become a domestic and world-renowned supplier of supply partners. SCTF all the staff to become you can rely on the frequency control components supply service providers
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Shenzhen SCTF Electronics Co., Ltd 0755-86097210
Easy-Key Corporation 深圳市 400-1366-707
深圳市星通时频电子有限公司 深圳市 石英晶振,石英晶体谐振器,石英振荡器等系列产品
联络电话 0755-86097210
所在地 深圳市
联络电话 400-1366-707
所在地 深圳市
主营产品 石英晶振,石英晶体谐振器,石英振荡器等系列产品