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Rakon Limited

Rakon was founded in 1967 in the garage, founder of the warren Robinson.In Auckland, New Zealand, from the humble Rakon has become one of the world's leading development and production of crystal and oscillator.Along the way, the Rakon has established relationship with some of the world's leading manufacturers.Rakon have gained praise and reward innovation and export achievement.Rakon has been at the forefront of development in its field, often to lead the way in areas such as miniaturization and performance.

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服务商 所在地 电话 邮箱 主营产品
Rakon Limited +64 (9) 573 5554
Easy-Key Corporation 深圳市 400-1366-707
销售商 Rakon Limited
联络电话 +64 (9) 573 5554
所在地 深圳市
联络电话 400-1366-707