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Beijing Crystal Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Beijing Crystal Electronics Co.,Ltd.,founded in 1995.Our products are widely used in areas of satellites,military and civil telecommunications.Most qualifications of products occupy one-up position in homeland.We obtained national planned item,national basic new product item and national industrializational demonstration project item.ISO9001:2000 Quality Certification.

Various types of oscillators
* All kinds of crystal resonator series
* Various types of Filters
* All kinds of clocks and frequency sources
* Various types of power amplifiers and splitters
• Time frequency of testing instruments and systems
Product markets: communications equipment and terminals, radio and television transmitters communications and data transmission network, GPS receiver, radar, navigation and guidance systems, precision test equipment, audio-visual equipment and automotive electronics.
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服务商 所在地 电话 邮箱 主营产品
Beijing Crystal Electronics Co.,Ltd. 010-88790152
Easy-Key Corporation 深圳市 400-1366-707
赛特时脉科技(深圳)有限公司 深圳市 0755-83279247 研发、销售、网上销售;电子元器件、机电产品;互联网技术开发;货物进出口、技术进出口。
联络电话 010-88790152
所在地 深圳市
联络电话 400-1366-707
所在地 深圳市
联络电话 0755-83279247
主营产品 研发、销售、网上销售;电子元器件、机电产品;互联网技术开发;货物进出口、技术进出口。