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Xi'an Antema Microwave Technology Co., Ltd. is a microwave RF product development and professional sales company, mainly engaged in high-tech microwave RF products, computer hardware and software and microwave components such as research and development, sales work, and distribution of foreign high-end microwave RF products. The company has built a more smooth domestic and international marketing channels, customers can provide a variety of microwave RF product development, design and supply. The company mainly engaged in the following business: 1, microwave RF product development and sales such as: antenna, microwave active, passive devices. 2, electromagnetic compatibility and anti-interference, electromagnetic field analysis and calculation, RF / microwave circuit and engineering direction. 3, foreign high-end device product distribution business: microwave devices, components: soft waveguide, power amplifier, load, 3dB bridge, power splitter / synthesizer, 90 ° coupler, mixer, amplifier, detector, (RF), microwave power chip, filter, waveguide coupler, waveguide switch, rotary joint, microwave waveguide, microwave waveguide, microwave waveguide, waveguide, waveguide, Circulator, isolator, mixer, attenuator, waveguide coaxial converter, millimeter wave products. Radio frequency connector, system integrated product communication, communication products: repeater, antenna, tower top amplifier, GPS positioning system, navigation system, Time control system. Domestic and foreign high-end civil aviation communications equipment, military and civilian communications equipment: GPS, Beidou (BD), GLONASS, TES / PES, CAPS China regional satellite transceiver system products. Electromagnetic compatibility products: absorbing materials, microwave darkroom equipment electronic confrontation and anti - jamming domestic and foreign systems integration products and communications transmission module, quartz crystal products, optoelectronic products, laser products. Inertial devices, sensors, tuners. Distribution of various types of foreign high-end IC digital circuit products electronic components at home and abroad various types of basic measuring instruments, vector net millimeter wave expansion components, calibration boxes at home and abroad high-end optoelectronic devices, optoelectronic products, LED, LCD products. Printed circuit board: TACONIC (Tektronix) ARLON (Yalong) ROGERS (Rogers), ATS (Otters), France NELCO companies such as foreign high-end microwave printed circuit board sales. Various types of power products: domestic and foreign DC / DC, DC / AC power, UBS, UPS products. Computer products: reinforcement of computers, computer network systems, hardware and software systems network security, equipment security products: security monitoring equipment, microwave video capture systems, microwave video transmission equipment, wireless communications transmission equipment, network security systems and equipment. Database development and design, office automation software development, the establishment of large-scale portal and e-commerce sites. CIS, Western Europe and other countries popular supply of electrical and electronic accessories.

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