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Kingbri Frequency Technology Co.,ltd.

November 2003 registered Chengdu Benyue Technology Co., Ltd. was established, in June 2011 as a whole reform change for Chengdu Jingbao time-frequency Technology Co., Ltd.. Registered capital of RMB 30000000 yuan. Located in the west of Chengdu hi tech Zone, the park road 8, an area of 45 acres. Is Chengdu hi tech Zone is the focus of cultivating enterprises, state-level high-tech enterprises, China electronic components industry association pressure transistor branch of the governing units, is China's largest quartz crystal components, one of professional manufacturers.
  The company has crystal growth, cutting and grinding, pressing and assembling a complete set of production technology of transistor. The main research, production, sales of quartz crystal resonators, oscillators, filters and other products. Production and sales of SMD, HC-49SMD, HC-49S, HC-49U, UM,, such as quartz crystal resonator series products more than 100 million, while a large number of sales of surface acoustic wave, SAW resonator, filter, ceramic resonator, filter and quartz crystal materials, etc.. Company product is the State encourages the product, is included in the national development and Reform Commission in 2011 No. ninth first class twenty-eight, electronic information twenty-first new electronic components (chip components, frequency components).
  Our products are mainly used in (1) IT (computer, wireless mouse and peripheral equipment); (2) communication classes (telephone, mobile phone, cordless phone, video phone, Bluetooth Headset, GPS); (3) digital home appliances and digital products, 3D/4D players (LNB, set-top box, TV microwave oven, DVD, DV, MP3, MP4,, recorder, machine learning, e-books); (4) WIFI.WIMAX and other wireless products; (5) 3G, 4G and cloud terminal equipment; (6) intelligent networking and smart grid, water meter etc.; (7) electronic toys and electronic games class; (8) Aerospace class (timing, positioning system); (9) automotive electronics; the company is committed to the development of piezoelectric quartz crystal application field of top ten customers, with direct sales mode, for the development of the direct users of new products, to provide engineering design services is one of our advantages. Company products are sold to the world's 32 countries and regions, 60% export, 40% domestic sales. Company products to obtain a large number of Global 500 enterprises supplier qualification certification, with a large number of international and domestic well-known customers. The CREC brand enjoys high popularity and reputation in the global users.
  The company technology are independent research and development, with a number of utility model patents, the company strictly according to ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system, the product is fully in line with the ROHS standard requirements, and strictly implement the "6S" production management standards. Provide quality products and services for the global quartz crystal users, so that customer satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of "CREC".
  "Fear of customers, return to society; respect for employees, shareholders" is the core values of the enterprise!
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