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Citizen Finedevice Co.,Ltd.

Citizen Miyota manufacturers Finetech provides high performance and precision equipment, constantly develop new technology and our manufacturing and engineering technology of industrial markets.

We have a good market reputation, especially for our high precision parts of brittle materials and micro display, high resolution images need to use our own core technology.

Make every effort to improve our technology and development, for all of our customers to provide valuable services, even if it is a niche market.

Shang Citizen Finetech Miyota maintenance management policy, and to live in this age group "one hundred" title.A Japanese manufacturing enterprises in the form of sustainable development, in such a rapidly changing economy, in the assessment of individuals, society and environment at the same time, will adopt.
Citizen Finetech Miyota try to meet your expectations, the leading company in the field of electronic equipment.


Tuning fork crystal with ceramic packaged type.

Small & thin packaging and light weight.

Most appropriate for portable devices and mobile telecommumications devices.

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所在地 深圳市
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主营产品 晶振,MEMS振荡器,石英振荡器,石英谐振器,频率器件