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Iraq dinar FOQ co., LTD

Our professional division of high precision, the Iraqi dinar FOQ GmbH in Germany (formerly FOQ piezoelectric technology company), has more than 30 years of experience, in the development of high precision crystal oscillator, including specialized clock oscillator, voltage controlled crystal oscillator temperature compensation of OCXO.Modern 2 1500 meters (1500 feet) infrastructure bart rapp naumann, Germany has a high degree of automation, make the competitive manufacturing costs and flexible delivery time.Both processing and SC cut crystal on-site support from grade 1000 dust-free workshop, the internal PCB design and assembly and test automation equipment.

We provide comprehensive technical support and custom design capability, our global customer base, ranging from small design company mainly grade 1 original equipment manufacturer (OEM).With expertise covers the high precision quartz crystal oscillator and strict tolerances, our flexible design allows for simple adjustment, in order to meet customers' personalized needs.Iraq dinar FOQ OCXO meet a wide range of applications, including base stations, relay stations, instruments and meters, medical and measuring equipment.

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