Sichan Institute Of Piezoelectric And Acoustooptic Technology

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Chongqing shengguangdian Co. Ltd. is Chinese Dianke group analog integrated circuit, micro acoustic devices, optoelectronic devices and magnetic materials professional sub group company, from 4 countries of the class / business units directly under central (ninth, twenty-fourth, twenty-sixth, 44 Chinese Electric Power Research Institute) and more than 20 of the industry, scientific research and production force. The company is located in Chongqing and Mianyang, with Western District, South District and Mianyang factory area. Now, there are more than 7000 staff members, 50% of professional and technical personnel, 20% of the master degree or above, and more than 100 provincial and ministerial experts. In the future, the company will take military industry, communications and navigation, automotive electronics and intelligent electronics as the main market. By 2020, it will build a high-tech sub group with a revenue of over 10 billion yuan.

Among them, the 9 one is the only comprehensive research institute of applied magnetism in China. It is mainly engaged in the research, development, production, service and applied magnetism research of military magnetic functional materials and special components. The 24 is the study of the analog integrated circuit profession in China only, the A/D, D/A converter and RF RF circuit leading; 26 is sound research technology categories most complete, is also the most complete kinds of vibration inertial technology research institute, the major domestic leading technology, the world top 44; is the only domestic semiconductor photoelectric professional research and development and production of CCD devices, the optical transceiver products the leading domestic technology level.





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